Jobs in Dubai for Freshers

Jobs in Dubai for Freshers can be a challenge to locate and land, but are a start to a fantastic career if you can get yourself one. Let’s have a look at the challenges facing freshers job hunting in Dubai and what can be done to overcome them.

Jobs in Dubai for Freshers

Jobs in Dubai for Freshers are thin on the ground. Dubai employers are keen that their employees are experienced, and with a worldwide pool of talent to draw on, why would they settle for anything less? Most of their fresher-friendly positions will go to local graduates or family members. Competing is clearly going to be a challenge.

Finding Jobs in Dubai for Freshers

Start early and work hard. This sounds like painful advice, and it is. We don’t want to sugarcoat the experience for you; you’re going to have to pound the pavement, and hard, in order to land yourself a good Fresher job in Dubai. This means thinking about your opportunities before you finish your studies, getting your school board and teachers onboard in helping you search for employers, scoping out business contacts in your local area who might know people in Dubai, and maximising your personal networking like nothing else.

Get your name out there. You might be the world’s smartest, hardest working Fresher, but if you’re terrible at self-promotion, then the job’s going to go to someone who knows how to speak up and get heard. Don’t focus on numbers unless the numbers are truly impressive. Being ranked best in your state or country is worth mentioning. Being in the top 10% isn’t. Assume everyone you’re competing with is at least as well qualified as you are.

DUbai Jobs for Freshers

Networking internationally can be hard. Often, one of the best approaches is to find local mentors with international experience and then lean on their networks in Dubai to see what openings come up. Good mentors and entrepreneurial guides will be happy to check in with their friends worldwide to see what they can do for you. Be gracious. Be appreciative. Keep business cards, and don’t burn any bridges.

Emphasise your loyalty. Employers of Freshers in Dubai are taking a punt that you’re going to stay on long enough to make their investment in you worthwhile. If they see you skipping around and changing your mind, they’ll get scared away. Emphasise to employers what you’ve done in the long haul, but don’t get arrogant. Remember that two or three years’ commitment is a small timeframe in your overall professional life, even though it seems like a lot now. Speak highly of people you’ve worked with, don’t hog success for yourself or accept praise without demur. Genuine humility, balanced with a realistic understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, is what will win you positions.

Pay it forward. Recommend people you know for positions that may not be suited for you. Help out anyone you can, in whatever way you can. In Dubai more so than in other places, generosity of spirit and life-long working associations will come back to pay dividends down the track, often in totally unexpected ways.

Get to know how to deal with HR staff. Be friendly but don’t suck up. Bribery won’t work, flattery will if it’s close to the truth, as all good flattery should be. Compliment people on their professional skills rather than appearance, and be specific. Genuinely thank people for anything they do for you, even if a lead falls through or a job turns out to be unattractive.

If a job comes up and you get the chance, don’t think twice about accepting it, even if it’s only a loose fit. Once you’re in, you can rack up experience and shift positions. Getting the foot in the door into the Dubai work community is the most important thing you can do as a Fresher.

Jobs in Dubai for Freshers: Salary

Companies that offer jobs for Freshers will usually not be flexible in their salary offers. This is a ‘like it or lump it’ situation: if you don’t take the job offered, there are literally thousands of other Freshers will. Wait for the end of your first contract, renew, and then put your negotiation skills to work. Remember that negotiating is a way of life in the Middle East, 12 months in Dubai will give you ample practise opportunities to get yourself the best price!

Remember that Dubai employers, though happy to operate on a contractual basis with foreign workers, do strongly prefer long-term relationships. Keep impressing your employers and you’re likely to be promoted in a reasonable amount of time. Keep training yourself, network ferociously, form friendships, and enjoy your time in Dubai.

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