Part Time Jobs In Dubai

Part time jobs in Dubai can give you the time to enjoy the fantastic lifestyle in Dubai. Dubai has some of the world’s best entertainment, shopping and nightlife, and a good part-time job or two will give you the freedom to experience the best Dubai has to offer!

Part Time Jobs In Dubai

Part time jobs in Dubai can be a challenge to find, but are easy enough to hold onto once located. Also, some employers will be happy to shift a full-time contract to a part-time contract rather than losing the worker entirely, especially if your work is non time-demanding and can be done flexibly.

Part time jobs advertised per month: 750-1,000, across multiple industries
Recommended experience: 1-3 years. More complex or senior jobs will often let workers move to part-time after a few years of full-time work.
Qualifications: Job dependent, less qualifications required for most part-time work.
Salaries (US$): $500-2,000/month. Part-time jobs involving highly specialised skills may pay more. Labour payment rates are very low compared to European pay rates.
Perks: Often able to get staff rates for goods and subsidised accommodation.
Specialisations: Few. Most part-time jobs are labour intensive or relatively simple like call center operators or data technicians.

Part time jobs in Dubai are increasingly common, and many employees are taking advantage of Dubai’s booming economy to take a second job on weekends or in the evenings to boost their income. Dubai employers are slowly coming around to the idea of hiring part-time employees, which is a change of approach from even as recently as ten years ago, when they were insistent on hiring full-time employees for most positions.

Finding a Part Time Job in Dubai

This is going to be mostly a word-of-mouth exercise. Most of the part-time jobs in Dubai aren’t advertised, our experience indicates a level as high as 80-90% of part time jobs go to a ‘friend of a friend’ or someone who’s been dealt with previously. Make suer your networks are well established and keep in contact with valuable people.

Part time jobs are much easier to source inside Dubai than outside because of the informalities of the part time workforce in comparison to the contracted, heavily regulated areas of full-time employment. Get in touch with contacts throughout the UAE. Certain industries – construction, labouring, and retail – are much more accessible to part-time workers. Make sure your name is ‘out there’, because HR staff often want to find new employees at very short notice and will keep their own ‘go to’ files.

Be assertively polite in your networking. You want to enhance your reputation and spread it around, not diminish or damage it.

Contacting employers directly for part-time work is a challenge, because you don’t want to come across as uncommitted or demanding. It’s far superior to work for one company and then get some part-time work with the same company, but that’s not always an option. Keep exploring, and don’t get discouraged. These sorts of job searches take time.

As experts on finding work in Dubai, we can’t strongly recommend part-time work advertised on the Internet. Unless it’s form a very large and reputable HR firm and for multiple positions, often they will be swamped with applicants and, even if your resume is outstanding, getting noticed in a sea of applicants can be a matter of luck rather than something you can control.

Negotiating Payment for Part Time Jobs in Dubai

Negotiating for salary is the norm in Dubai. Part-time workers have less scope to negotiate themselves a handsome package, as part-time work is often dictated by managers and bosses who want particular tasks done at particular rates, and as a lower-level ‘cog’ in the machine you are more replaceable than someone working full-time on contract.

That said, your basic salary and regular bonuses are certainly going to be more flexible and negotiable than in Europe or America. If you’re already working in Dubai, you’ll know the drill, so negotiating a second salary may ell be easier and more profitable than the first. Negotiating is a fact of life in the Middle East and is well worth researching and practising. A few weekends of shopping will make you aware of more of the delicate aspects of negotiations, but any practise is good practice!

Consider a 15% variance in wages from what’s initially offered a very reasonable deal. Haggling for more than that may be challenging and strike your employers as demanding, but go for what feels good for you.

Part-time jobs are less lucrative, even on a per-hour basis, than full-time jobs, for obvious reasons. It is also expected from Dubai employers that people working part-time will probably be juggling other commitments and they may have a preconception that you won’t be as attentive and dedicated to your job as other employees may be. The exception to this is part-time consulting, this is most relevant in highly specialised technical fields, then you can expect a loading bonus of significant amounts to compensate you for the transitory and ephemeral nature of your work.

Don’t forget that it’s pretty standard for foreign workers in Dubai to be paid a series of subsidisations and allowances on top of their standard salary. Make gentle enquiries about subsidised accommodation, staff meals, uniform and laundry assistance, etc. You may be expected to ‘bunk down’ in shared accommodation with other workers for the same company. This is a small price to pay for getting assistance with rent in Dubai, which is fairly expensive.

Bonuses in Part Time Jobs in Dubai

Ahh, bonuses, one of the best parts of jobs all around the world. Luckily, jobs in Dubai come loaded with regular bonuses, and employers seem to relish rewarding their emlployees for hard month’s work and jobs well done.

The best way to ensure your time in Dubai is lucrative and rewarding is, clearly, to perform an exceptional job. Dubai hasn’t earned its reputation as a world-class city in every regard for nothing, after all! It is standard to get up to one month’s salary in lieu of leave payments etc at the finalisation of a contract, and often smaller, monthly or quarterly bonuses as a way of encouraging and rewarding good work.

Listen to your colleagues and compatriots and make every effort to do a fantastic job. Employers are always on the lookout for talent and genuine dedication, and with dozens of competitors for every job, any slacking off or laggardly conduct will result in no bonuses and probably a swift firing as well.

Qualifications for Part Time Jobs in Dubai

Part-time jobs in Dubai are often entry-level positions and as such are highly competitive. Work your resume and tailor it to each job you apply for, making sure to highlight your relevant strengths and any awards or commendations you’ve received. Even if they aren’t in a particularly related field, a university degree (Bachelors or Masters) will prove that you’re literate, articulate and reliable.

Professional qualifications and awards are particularly well regarded in Dubai, where employers take great pride in having the ‘best staff in the world’. Make sure your resume highlights all the outstanding work you’ve done and what your accomplishments have been. Any clippings or magazine articles, interviews etc will massively boost your standing amongst employers in Dubai.

Visas for Part Time jobs in Dubai

As with all travel in Dubai, visas are usually organised by your employer. Make sure you have the correct visas and paperwork. Nothing is worse in Dubai than not having your visas in order, or not having your passport. Some employers try and convince their workers to leave their passports with them for ‘safe keeping’, this is occasionally genuine concern but often has more to do with the employer’s security and power over the employees.

You may be able to work on one visa for one job and then ‘ride’ that one for your second job, as always, confirm in writing with the Government authorities before commencing work. Punishments for breaking visa conditions in Dubai are severe and may involve heavy fines, imprisonment and deportation.

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